Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The First Dance...Ballet

The most common subject of Carlo watercolor paintings are ballerina dancers. You will see the exact same painting in many frame styles, shapes and and sizes. There are plenty of ballet designs that were produced and the ballet genre seem to be much easier to come by if you are trying to start a Carlo collection. At one point our personal collection had over two dozen ballet inspired watercolors in all different vignettes. Once you become familiar with Carlo's works you will be able to see subtle differences when comparing two like paintings. A few differences that stand out to me are the crispness of the facial features and the signature. I will cover these areas in future posts with more detail.

This was our first set of Ballerina Carlo of Hollywood Watercolor
These were purchased on eBay for $25.00. Unfortunately for the seller they were incorrectly listed and lucky for me I have lots of searches out for them and was able to snag them up as the only bidder.

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