Friday, July 29, 2011

I Dream of Genies

This particular set of Genies was available for sale a few years ago. I believe they retailed for a little shy of $500.00. The Carlo watercolor market is very interesting when it comes to pricing. I have over a decade of price fluctuation under my belt and have seen a HUGE difference between what people ask and what people are willing to pay. It's hard to tell where people are gathering their value information since there has not been a guide, but some pricing is just unbelieveable. I hope that this blog will eventually help establish a fair market value. This is a cute set that fall in the the medium size category and I would be willing to pay $225-$325 for a set in excellent condition. About 4 years ago an eBay seller was offering the same style painting with the gong as a single piece. The frame had been painted over multiple times and was bright orange, flaking and needed some TLC. The actual watercolor had extensive water damage, was priced at $225 and was listed maybe 10 times with out a sale. Just like most other things condition is a huge factor in valuing this original art.


  1. Yay! It works! Thanks Jillian!

    I wonder whatever did happen to that Carlo painting with the orange frame? It always seemed like the price was way too high for the condition.